Islam is a Panacea of all the ills , opinion 31 May ,2021 issue


Islam is that religion which belongs to every individual and is meant for all ages and situations. It is a solution for every problem. It is a best medicine for every illness whether it is physical illness or spiritual illness. It is a solution for everyone on individual or collective issues irrespective of any race, caste, community.           If we see Islam is oftenly described as “the perfect religion”, Islam is perfect because it is not only a religion but it a way of life. Islam is a perfect guide for guiding us how to spend your precious time on earth. It gives us manners. It shows us difference between halal or haram, right and wrong, truth and false. It shows us how to behave with your parents, what are their rights towards you. In jahaliyah period no one knows how to live their life, it’s only  Islam which gives them the proper way. If we can understand the importance of Islam then only we can understand the importance and purpose of human life.       Islam is the only religion which gives us complete and balanced way of life. It’s principles and teachings can give us the perfect solutions for every problem. Islam is that religion which not only covers the spiritual aspects of life but it covers social, economic, political and even the diplomatic aspects of human life. It gives us the cure of all the ills. Everything is covered in Islam, it gives  proper rights to everyone whether it is oppressed, orphan, women, Muslim or non Muslim living in Muslim land.         Islam gives us the perfect code of conduct of behaviour, ethics and social values which can help an individual to deal with his stressful life. Islam teaches how to live in harmony with others “Seek the life to come by means of what God granted you, but do not neglect your rightful share in this world. Do good to others as God has done good to you. Do not seek to spread corruption in the land, for God does not love those who do this” (Quran, 28:77).         Islam is the religion of peace and truth which never makes anything difficult for the servant but always seeks ease for him. If a physical wellbeing will be adversely affected by the combined effect of fasting and doctor will advice the patient not to fast as Islam exempts them from fasting in such conditions. “And whosoever of you is sick or on a journey, let him fast the same number of other days. Allah desired for you ease; He desired not hardship for you”. (Quran 2:185).           Islam encourages people to stay hopeful, even if someone has committed the worst sin or faced with most troublesome life event as there is always God’s mercy.“And never give up hope of Allah’s soothing Mercy: truly no one despairs of Allah’s soothing Mercy, except those who have no faith.” (Quran, 12:87)      In Islam suicide is totally prohibited. It is a sinful act because this life is given by Allah and only He have the power to take this away from us no one else have the right to end his life. Muslims should always remember Allah in the times of suffering and pain and they should have faith on God’s mercy that He will ease this pain and suffering. It’s only Allah who will judge the actions of an individual no one else have the right to do so.Muslims should always believe that all suffering, life, death, joy, and happiness are derived from God and that God is the one who gives us strength to survive. They should believe that any loss or deprivation experience is a form of a test from God to his slave of how he will stand this suffering with patience and full trust in God’s mercy.         We should always be thankful to Allah that he bestowed us with such blessings rather to think that what others have more than us. If we think so it can lead us towards anxiety and depression. And we should not regret over the things which happened in past, which one cannot go back and change, and not to worry about what will happen in future.            Islam is the only religion which prohibits drinking alcohol. Even it prevents the Muslims to follow the path which will lead them to take alcohol. And it also prohibits us to smoke because we know that smoking cause many diseases and it may lead to heart diseases. Homosexuality another great sin prohibited by Islam because Allah has created us in pairs. Man is not homosexual by nature and homosexuality can also cause sexually transmitted diseases. Islam enforces the family role in Muslim’s life and emphasizes the religious, moral, and ethical values. These are some major acts which are strictly restricted in Islam and we can see how these sins affect our health and we know that health is a God’s gift and we should be careful about it.                      Islam is that religion which outlines how man should lead life after accepting Islam. How should he worship Him alone? What morals and values he should follow? How should he behave inside home? How should he behave outside home? How should a person carry himself in the market? How should a man run the government or politics? It also tells us whatever you are doing God keeps an eye on that and watches your all deeds weather good or bad. If a person keeps this thing in his mind while performing a deed he will never do a wrong deed. And After that, we were rewarded or punished for our deeds on the day of judgement.        Islam teaches us that there is no division among you on the basis of colour, caste, place. All are same from one parent Adam and the best among you are those who are best in their deeds. One who is piety. Islam teaches us to do justice with everyone, even to the enemies. There is a solution for every problem in Islam.  The remedy for all our ills are present in Islam.
   By Sufaya yousf Hails from Anantnag kashmir and currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Srinagar