Is the Govt ready to fight COVID-19?

Is the Govt ready to fight COVID19? 

Owais Ah Shah

The writer is PG student University of Kashmir 
The deadly COVID 19 has struck again & this time with a new variant called Omicron.It has created a lot of panic among people & preparations to fight this deadly disease has started.The re-imposing of lockdown in some places has started & masks are again put on by people.What is very important to know is that how much is the Govt prepared to fight this disease if God forbid the case’s started mounting like last year & death’s occurred.As we saw last year that Govt hospitals were not fully equipped for this disease & the patient’s were left in terrible conditions & most of the times we saw deaths taking place.The last year must not have a repetition this time because we can’t have people dying in large numbers & in abysmal conditions.I am hopeful that the Govt has learned from it’s grave mistakes & preparations must have tripled compared to last year.All the Hospitals must be given much & more support for fighting the disease & all necessary things must be forwarded so that the battle against COVID-19 would be stronger.This year Govt shouldn’t come up with measures which have been repeated often providing no good result but a substantive measure needs to be brought into place to strongly fight this massive disease.It needs a lot of labour,equipments & awareness everyday.The health services by Doctors,nurses & other’s is always commendable but they must have the necessary tools to fight it & every Govt Hospitals must have a better & best facility for every COVID patient.The awareness about this disease must be done everyday.As we know that the cases have started rising & Govt has initiated it’s new initiatives of closing down schools & coaching centres,the premonition is that if the cases continue to rise,another lockdown is in the offing & we would have a last year COVID like situation.We can’t say that it wouldn’t happen but at least we can try to fight it at our places like being fully conscious of it & ensuring that we would leave no room for it to attack us because our preparations are full.We must know it in togetherness that it’s time to defeat COVID-19.