Intellectual Bankruptcy

Intellectual is defined as a person who engages in academic study or critical evaluation of ideas and issues. Intellectuals have always in Human history played a prominent part in taking forward their concerned Society, Nation or Country towards path of development.

But unfortunately in the Valley of Kashmir Intellectual Bankruptcy has eaten into the vitals of Kashmiri society as a result the society of Kashmir is passing through what can be aptly termed as stagnation. A common Kashmiri knows the fact very well that our so called intellectuals write and ponder over serious issues not out of genuine concern, but to remain in limelight and collect awards and in realistic terms do virtually nothing to address the burning issues.

Commenting on serious issues in cozy chambers under all the facilities  has become a habit of our intellectuals. Advocating for revitalization of Kashmiri language on TV studios for the sake of financial gains has become a routine of our literary personalities. Kashmiri nation hopes that  intellectuals to envisage  a  visionary path  and make decisive analysis  on our behalf but our intellectuals are lagging the ample qualification and skills required for leading us into an era of success. Muscle power is more weighed than academic knowledge in making an entry into the corridors of power and decision making by our intellectuals .

One of the biggest problems of Kashmiri society lies in the inability of intellectuals in this part of the world to make up their minds about who they are. Are they dedicated experts and professionals operating within specific market-oriented and technophobic spheres, adapting quickly with the changing economic, social and political situations? Or independent souls whose only commitment is to truth and who add their voices to the public debates conducting on life in Kashmir

Without doubt  the role of intellectuals in any society is indeed one of the elements very much needed for  its development, so it should be hoped that we overcome our intellectual bankruptcy soon.