Improve Nursing system

Nursing system forms an significant part of any concerned health sector. unquestionably, there is a shortage of nurses in our state, especially in the Valley of Kashmir and this has grave consequences on the provision of health services in our part of the world.

As a matter of fact, shortage of nurses leads to long queues at clinics and hospitals, long waiting periods before patients can be attended to. This leads to the slowing down of procedures at clinics and hospitals and increase adverse events for patients and more stressful work environment.

As the shortage of nurses’ increases, there is increased pressure on our health system to start depending on unqualified and unregulated health workers to meet demands for basic nursing care within clinics and hospitals.
We need to take a series of steps to not only increase the nursing staff in our hospitals but also needs to have a good number of quality nurses. One cannot claim to have respect for human rights or to uphold the sanctity of life if there is no provision for minimum health care for all. And there is no future development without healthy citizens. It is said that caring for the sick is a calling from God of a special dignity and importance, not just another job.
We definitely need to have development of nursing as our top priority.