Importance of Statistics, 1 July,2024 Editorial

Importance of Statistics
Statistics is an important field because it helps us understand the general trends and patterns in a given data set. Statistics can be used for analysing data and drawing conclusions from it. It can also be used for making predictions about future events and behaviors.
People who do statistics are referred to as statisticians. They’re particularly concerned with determining how to draw reliable conclusions about large groups and general events from the behavior and other observable characteristics of small samples. These small samples represent a portion of the large group or a limited number of instances of a general phenomenon.
Recently, we marked national Statistics Day.
National Statistics Day is celebrated on June 29 every year to recognize the contributions of PC Mahanalobis. It is not be confused with World Statistics Day, which is a UN-designated day and is celebrated on October 20 every five years .
The significance of Statistics Day is to create public awareness in the young generation about the role and importance of statistics in strategizing, economic planning and policy formulation. The occasion is celebrated as a reminder to learn from the achievements of Professor Mahalanobis in the field of Statistics.
Statistics are not just numbers and facts. You know, things like 4 out of 5 dentists prefer a specific toothpaste. Instead, it’s an array of knowledge and procedures that allow you to learn from data reliably. Statistics allow you to evaluate claims based on quantitative evidence and help you differentiate between reasonable and dubious conclusions.
The need of the hour is that students in Jammu and Kashmir too give due importance to the field of Statistics and keenly study same.