Humanity Murdered

News Kashmir Analysis


The age in which we live can only be characterized as one of barbarism. Our civilization is in the process not only of being militarized, but also being brutalized———Alva Myrdal

The above quote sums up the current heart wrenching situation of Kashmir .

The fires of political unrest have engulfed Kashmir once again, with 40 death and thousands injured  and the situation in Kashmir looks to be heading from bad to worse with every passing day. Killing of unarmed protesters, impairing vision via indiscriminate use of pellet guns, ruthless beating of protesters suggest that humanity is being murdered in Kashmir. About a 100 people have also been reported to have lost their vision completely.


All this started with the killing of popular militant commander Burhan Wani. As a matter of fact, Burhan Wani’s funeral was attended by lacs of people, and despite tough restrictions, the funeral venue was so crowded there was virtually no space to conduct funeral prayers.

Wani, 22, is largely accredited with reviving and legitimising the image of militancy in  Kashmir via the social networking skills he had.

Humanity looks to have taken the worst hit in Kashmir during the previous and current upheaveals.

Mushtaq ul Haq Sikander, a political analyst stated – “The brutal face of Indian state has once again been unveiled before the whole world, as they have once again started killing innocent protestors. Humanity, non violence, Gandhism, and Democratic values that India boasts about have all been proving an ugly hoax in Kashmir since 1947. The brutal Hindutva and dictatorial stance of India has been completely exposed in the present mass protests in Kashmir. The humanity, has died in India but is alive and thriving in Kashmir as we are serving the amarnath pilgrims, attending to the injured and upholding our Rishi tradition. Our humanity is alive, but it seems to be dead in the land of Ram and Gandhi.”



Even the voices among mainstream polity are aghast .MLA Langate Er Rasheed , while talking to News Kashmir Magazine on the situation stated that  “While from US State Department to UN Secretary General everybody is showing its concern and seeks peaceful resolution to the Kashmir dispute, New Delhi is busy in finding excuses to justify its terror on streets of Kashmir. It is unfortunate that not only PM Narendar Modi but all political parties including Congress, are running away from the problem and are not only trying to present J&K issue as a law and order problem but are busy in scoring political points over each other. However they know better, whether it is armed struggle of 1989, Amarnath land row of 2008, situation after the rape and murder of Asia and Neelofar in 2009, unrest of 2010 or now the killing of Burhan Wani and other incidents from time to time,  all these incidents do just act like triggers to give an outburst to the anti-India and pro-Aazadi sentiments among masses. Rather blaming Pakistan, GOI should understand that world community doesn’t need India’s or Pakistan’s permission to speak for the sufferings of Kashmiri people and sooner or later world community will have to force and facilitate a peaceful settlement. ”

In nutshell, Humanity in kashmir has been brutalized to large extent by the nature of atrocities committed against masses.