Hounded Kashmiris

Hounded Kashmiris
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Kashmiris all across India from North to South ,East to West are feeling threatened as the threats and attacks against them have risen drastically post the Pulwama terror attack which killed 40 CRPF jawan .
The political temperatures are running hot with Indo Pak relationship on verge of collapse . The Kashmir based parties are aghast over ill treatment meted to kashmiris . Former Chief Minister and NC Leader Omar Abdullah appealed for better central leadership on Thursday as he decried the targeting of Kashmiris across India in the wake of last week’s terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir.
Former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah said it appeared that those targeting Kashmiris had the blessings of the establishment, pointing out that one state governor had called for a boycott of the community.
Neither the prime minister nor the minister for home affairs spoke of tough action against the perpetrators, Abdullah said, adding that even the leading opposition party — the Congress — was silent on the issue.
Former Jammu & Kashmir chief minister and PDP Leader Mehbooba Mufti also cautioned that mischievous elements must not be allowed to use the Pulwama terror attack as “an excuse to persecute or harass people” from the state, saying the pain of the killings of CRPF personnel must not fuel “such diabolical plans”.

“Understand the pain & (and) anguish. But we musnt (must not) allow such mischievous elements to use this as an excuse to persecute / harass people from J&K. Why should they suffer for somebody else’s action? We need to be united instead of letting people exploit our fears,” Mehbooba wrote on Twitter.
An estimated 4000 Kashmiri students, businessmen and labroures from Jammu, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Delhi and other outer states had reached back home safely in the wake of threats made to them after the Pulwama attack.
On the otherhand, AIP members led by Engineer Rashid holding banners and placards that read “Stop targeting Kashmiri people living in India”, “Give protection to Kashmiri people in Jammu”, “Solve Kashmir issue by self-determination”, “Don’t celebrate killings” and raised slogans against Jammu police and its administration for not preventing attacks on Kashmiris.
While talking to media, Engineer Rasheed appealed the administration of Jammu to discharge its duties towards the masses and take stern action against those who are involved in arsenic and violence against Kashmiri community and damaging their property.
Pertinently, the role played by the Sikh community in undertaking relief and rescue measures for the grief struck Kashmiris have been praised by one and all.

On ground many eminent Kashmiri voices like Editor in Chief News Kashmir Farzana Mumtaz and Journalist Nasir Khuehami played wonderful role in ensuring the safe return of hounded kashmiri community .