High Chicken Rates in Kashmir

High Chicken Rates in Kashmir 
Chicken is among the  most  used food items in Kashmir.  It also with sheep or goat meat forms important part of the non vegetarian diet of Kashmir. 
The fluctuations in the rates of chicken especially on the upper side is a matter of concern . The masses are concerned  that the   Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs (FCSCA) has failed to regulate the rate list for poultry which has led to overpricing of chicken in the market, leaving consumers high and dry.
Earlier, the government fixed Rs 125 per kg for broiler chicken in the market.Since past few days the chicken rates have gone up from Rs 120 kilogram to Rs 170 in matter of just few days .
Lack of Hatcheries in responsible for dependency of Kashmir on other parts of country for chicken and eggs .
According to the import bill of Jammu and Kashmir, the value of poultry and egg imports to the erstwhile state was estimated at 2,000 crore rupees annually.
 This is a potentially huge market that could be captured by local farmers but locally reared chickens are more expensive than those imported from outside the Valley, thereby limiting local farmers to the role of merely filling the gaps in the supply.
The lack of hatcheries in Kashmir according to ground voices has forced local farmers to import chicks from north Indian states, like Haryana. 
One hopes that the authorities will take all the measures to control chicken rates in Kashmir.