Has the complexion of Board Exams Changed ?

Has the complexion of Board Exams changed?                      Owais Ahmad  Shah(The writer is PG Student,Kashmir University)
The 12th class board results have been declared in Kashmir division.The students are celebrating their success & those who have  failed in the exams are crestfallen & pained.It’s true that success brings joy & failure brings anxieties.The understanding that has developed in these results is that something has changed.The success stories in past would get much attention.It would be a story for everyone that who scored high marks & parents would push their kid’s ahead & instill positivity in them.There was a greater societal value for marks & it was continuing since year’s.It meant everything for us.Not only this year results but past year results have raised a very important question about the complexion of exams.In past,students would go through panic stations before exams,there was much pressure building up & exams were not easy to face.We would have students depressed & much things would happen with them.There was one thing that students would fear & that was getting failed. The recent results are much different & marks scoring has become now easy & it’s like everything is given for free.It is true that students have worked hard & they did it by their sweat but the manner this is happening brings to attention the complexion of exams.Are exams now conducted not as past? or Is there anything new that has emerged? I think there is a serious need to revisit exams & it must be seen properly that fair evaluation is done.We need success stories but positive success stories.Marks scoring should have a proper evaluation & students must be given marks which is at par with their work. 
Each year we have thousands of students passing 12th exams & subsequently pursuing bachelors in college or technical courses outside.We should understand how much this society gets benefitted by the number of students.The number of quality students is always there who can shine out in competitive exams but the question is what if we would have students who have scored high marks without knowing what they did & how they scored it.The best would be to revisit these exams & ensure a credible examination system that would give an impression of fair evaluation & a good education.