Gurez is Symbol of Amazing Hospitality

Gurez is symbol of Amazing Hospitality 

Farzana Mumtaz 

Hospitality implies warmth, respect, and even protection; it builds understanding and appreciation among cultures. How much hospitable are people of other areas and cultures plays an important role in image building. The land of unparalleled and mystery beauty Gurez valley in Kashmir  is home to world class hospitality as people here are amazing. 

Gurez is 126 kilometers from Srinagar located in Bandipora district , the Gurez Valley and its adjoining Tulail area some 40 kilometers has some of the best hospitable people who treat guests with great respect and love .

The area does not have much rich people economically but there hearts and warmth surpasses billions . No sooner the guest enters the varieties of dishes of famed Potatoes of Gurez, Fish , meat and maize bread welcome the guests. The salt and Lipton tea are also brimming with taste . The people of Gurez and Tulail treat guest with highest form of respect compassion,  love and affinity .

Munawar Hussain,  an elderly person at Bernayee Tulail stated

” Our hospitality is our identity.  We love to serve guests with varieties of local cuisine and give him or her all the affection. We really love to entertain guests and great hospitality has been Forte of Gurez and Tulail. “

The pulse is that even water of Gurez is people and guest friendly. 

Undoubtedly,  the hospitality of Gurez is beyond words and sentences..