Growing Suicide Rate

Life is a priceless gift from God.   Even when a human being has no material belongings, life will still be possessed.   In light of these observations, it is very rational and principled to believe committing suicide is dreadful because you are always better off than someone else out there. Why would you want to throw your life away?


. Unfortunately, despite being the greatest vice, the suicide rate has increased alarmingly over the past few years in the Kashmir Valley. Just a few decades back, Kashmir was among few places across the globe with very low suicide rates. Paradoxically, over the past two decades the graph of suicides has run north. With the growing depression among masses owing to conflict and changing times the suicide rate has risen in Kashmir considerably enough. Many voices believe that the breakdown of institution of parenting being the single largest reason behind rising suicides

The other factors responsible for most of the suicides in the valley are unsuccessful love affairs, failure of students to meet the expectation of their parents.

The need of the time is to provide  strong counseling to depressed people to fight the pain and challenges of life. We have to understand that Pain is for the living, souls do not feel earthly pain as that is an experience that is reserved for when we are in our physical bodies, now, heartbreak is ruled by our emotional selves and the emotions primarily manifest on the astral plane, we need to recognize the loveliness of life and fight boldly with unfavorable situation rather than taking foolish and immoral step of ending our life. Life is a precious gift of Allah and we need to value it.