Good Governance Challenges in JK

Cover 9 November,2020 Issue

Good Governance Challenges in JK
News Kashmir Bureau 
Good Governance is the basic foundation of progress and prosperity for every state and Country. Since Jammu and Kashmir was converted into Union Territory last year many have hoped that overall paradigms of Governance would improve. 
Unfortunately enough, the Good Governance was a dream in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir with State several times in news for wrong reasons on account of being among the most corrupt states of the country. The ineffective and inefficient Governance in Jammu and Kashmir has since decades plagued the common masses and their interests. Good governance aims towards betterment of people, and this can not take place without the government being accountable to the  people, and experts too have stressed same. But the recent findings from a credible study show that Good Governance still remains a dream in Jammu and Kashmir. 

As a matter of fact, the data released by Public Affairs Centre under Public Affairs Index-2020 ranked Southern State of Kerala the best governed State in the large States category while Uttar Pradesh ended at the bottom.

 It is worth mentioning here that the City-based not-for-profit organization, headed by former Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chairman K. Kasturirangan, said in its annual report that the States were ranked on governance performance based on a composite index in the context of sustainable development. Four southern States — Kerala (1.388 PAI Index point), Tamil Nadu (0.912), Andhra Pradesh (0.531) and Karnataka (0.468) stood in the first four ranks in the large State category in terms of governance, it said.

 Chandigarh emerged at the top in the category of Union Territories with 1.05 PAI points, followed by Puducherry (0.52) and Lakshadweep (0.003). Dadar and Nagar Haveli (-0.69), Andaman, Jammu and Kashmir (-0.50) and Nicobar (-0.30) were the worst performers.

 On the other hand, Central and UT JK Government have often made it clear that Governance in Jammu and Kashmir is improving fast, which many mainstream parties and civil society groups have criticised citing Governance in Jammu and Kashmir remains unimpressive. 
In Nutshell Analysis, the efficient Governance in Jammu and Kashmir still remains a dream not reality.