Embers to Flames by Leena Thampi, Book review

Embers to flames by Leena Thampi – A must read poetic book
Review By Rameez Makhdoomi
Embers to flames by Renowned South Indian Author Leena Thampi is a must read. It is a collection of more than 5 dozen poignant poems focusing on women,their dreams and aspirations.
This spins webs between nature, human love, and spiritual connections.
 The writer has used a very soft and yet impressive language to connote her message.
As the Prologue of the book suggests Poems of Leena Thampi in the ” “Embers To  Flames” are grounded in the diverse mysteries of the world.
Leena Thampi through her strokes of pen has brilliantly articulated the sufferings , strengths and weakness of women.
Born in Jammu and Brought up in Delhi and settled in her South Indian roots. The book lexicon gives idea of long journey of experiences travelled by Leena Thampi .
In her Poem Creator she pays a brilliant tribute to the universal creator God.
‘Deja Vu’ her poem in the book Embers to Flames has these awesome lines :
” I never had to Impress you
You never had to impress me”
Eight billion people and you feel like home, There’s something about eternity, don’t roam, Uncanny synchronicities  exist in us .
Her book has quite romantic moments as well when she writes; I am swallowed in an abyss of love ,you keep the naughty girl alive in me.
Leena Thampi has conveyed the idea of humanity in a very subtle manner in the book without sounding of any complaint tone or note .
“Dust to Dust” poem gives beautiful description of otherwise sad episode of death which needs to be applauded .She’s given a new twist to death poems.
The poem titled”Written with Fire ” is one of my personal favorites.
Leena Thampi has at every step shone like a lamp of intellect in her Journey as an author and Embers to Flames is a beautiful example of the same ,and it’s her fourth book.
With an expert sense of language and narrative, this intrepid poet cranks her high beams to rummage ‘humanity’s basement, the murk inside the mammalian heart’ and unearths each dark, radiant truth.
Embers to Flames is definitely a must read . A book in which Leena Thampi has ticked all boxes .There’s no doubt she’s written it with fire.
She Dips into the ink of ashes and writes her own fire into existence.
©️®️_Leena Thampi