Eid Fervour

Eid Fervour 
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Ramdan has almost cone to am end and we are marking the Eid Festivity. Eid al-Fitr  also called the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”, is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan. This religious Eid is the first and only day in the month of Shawwal during which Muslims are not permitted to fast. The date for the start of any lunar Hijri month varies based on when the new moon is sighted by local religious authorities, so the day of celebration varies by locality.

The need of the hour is we spend very less on this Eid and keep much for the poor hit hard by the pandemic Coronavirus especially during past few years .

 Eid Al Fitr 2022 is expected to take place on May 2, according to Egypt’s National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG).
The president of the institute, Gad El-Qady said earlier this week that the crescent moon will not be visible at sunset on Saturday, April 30 in Egypt and other Arab countries.The Eid in South Asia countries is expected to be on May 3, 2022.This year Eid al-Fitr is expected to be celebrated on May 3 in India. As per the central government’s holiday calendar, Meethi Eid falls on May 3 and it is a gazetted holiday, however the celebration will depend on the sighting of the new moon.The date of Eid changes every year as it follows Hijri calendar, which is a lunar calendar and is based on the phases of the moon. The start of any Islamic month begins on the new crescent moon when sighted and confirmed by religious authorities. Eid is celebrated across the world on different days as per new moon sighting.After many years of Ravaging pandemic of Coronavirus the fervor of Eid is back in Kashmir especially with declining cases  .
Eid-ul-Fitr is expected to  being celebrated across  Kashmir with fervor once again as men, women and children dressed in their best will throng mosques, shrines and Eidgahs across the Valley for special prayers to mark culmination of the fasting month of Ramzan.People are praying for lasting peace and prosperity in Kashmir and this year the markets saw good volume of sales on the eve of eid and return of old hustle and bustle .The smile and happiness has been once again witnessed on faces of children and elders on eve of Eid ul Fitr in Kashmir.
Nazir Ahmad,  a commoner stated : ” This year after many years especially after the dark period of pandemic Coronavirus the fervor of Eid is back on the streets of Kashmir . Overall, people did good buisness and earned good after long time. We hope the fervor of Eid al Fitr Changes our lives to better.”