Drugs end all dreams Say no to drugs

Drugs end all dreams                 Say no to drugs 

By Dar Showkat
Illicit drug use is the most noticeably awful friendly evil of current human advancement. It is spreading like disease. The confused and disappointed grown-ups are the prey of propensity. For the most part  of rich families, these individuals are getting ongoing of utilizing medications like heroin, smack, opium, charas, cocaine, ganja and earthy colored sugar. Chronic drug use is a piece of western culture. It is thought is a thing of design and modernization. The most exceedingly terrible part of this social evil is – on the off chance that you begin taking medication for the sake of entertainment or style, it turns out to be ongoing to such an extent that it can’t be left without any problem. It’s anything but a solicitation to death. This evil is coming to and spreading in Asian and African nations. Illicit drug use is implosion. This may take now and again as we find in the event of malignancy, yet it’s anything but a sure venturing towards death. 

You needn’t bother with Heroin to be a legend” 
Medications have been utilized for clinical purposes since ages. At no other time this advanced period. There was no abuse of medications. Man is eager commonly. To acquire more in brief period some enemy of social corrupted medications cause passings the individuals who are occupied in enemy of human movement for their narrow minded intentions, ought to be rebuffed. There ought to be no consolation from government office to against social components. People in general should likewise co-activity to make against social components endure.

Addiction is a symptom of not growing up.

Drug abuse is fast becoming very common among students. thousands of school and college going young men have become drug- addicts. This evil is more rampant in big cities. Villagers and the town people are still free form this abuse. Urban life is slowly becoming a mechanical life. it has become highly competitive and risky. Tension and cut-throat competition put an unbearable pressure on young men and women. Life becomes tiring and burdensome. Students tend to become escapists. As an escape from the drudgery of life, they take to drugs. In the beginning they turn to drugs just for fun and thrill. Then they get addicted to this abuse. They are compelled to even steal to buy drugs. They become physically and mentally wrecks. They invite their owndoom.
Drugs are retarded, so don’t get started”

Drug addiction is on the rise among youth both in urban as well as rural areas in Kashmir. In addition to boys, girls in teens are also said to fall in the trap of drugs here. Recently a report on drug abuse came like a bolt from the blue, claiming to have victims as young as eight. Why is the young generation tempted and wooed to devastating end? Who motivates or what provokes an eight year old child to take drugs? Who must be held accountable for all this? These are some questions that have raised the storm in Kashmir. There are many reasons behind the upward trend of drug addiction in Kashmir. The main among them is the lacking control and counseling of youth. In the absence of proper guidance and counseling at a critical age, the young are prone to adopt the disastrous habits. Besides the external members, the parents are equally responsible. The second reason is inappropriate education or wrong schooling. Schooling plays a vital role in molding the young and in overall development of the youth. It is a popular saying – “Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation ,for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” The company one keeps also determines whether he ends up a victim or survivor. Drug addiction often spreads in small social groups, teen groups. Easy availability has also led to the increase in drug addiction cases in Kashmir. With the young having more than enough pocket money to buy whatever they wish, it is difficult to prevent them from getting trapped in the vicious circle.
Drug addiction is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with both at individual as well as society level, otherwise this menace would eat up all future generations. Parents should control their wards in an adequate and appropriate way and ensure that they stay miles away from drugs. It really hurts to see the young fall prey to drug and alcohol addiction in our valley. Religious figures also need to be alert and consider itas prime responsibility. People should unite and take steps to weed out the drugs from this place, and not just depend on law enforcement agencies. Social awareness programmes concerning drug abuse with participation of youngsters could prove fruitful incuring the disease. The campaigns in colleges, universities, schools, tuition centers could help. Other course of action is involving media to make people conscious about the drug addiction and its ill effects on individuals, families, communities and the society.

“Stay alive. Don’t drink and drive”
Drugs addiction must be fought on war footing. Concerning departments and public should be alert to remove this social evil. A great publicity should be made regarding this social evil. A large number of banners, posters and placards should be displayed. Evils of drug should be highlighted through the media-radio, television and press. The parents should be more careful about their wards specially in tender young age. The drug addicts should be kept under special care and treatment. Doubtful anti- social worker should be checked with regular attention and should be punished seriously if found guilty.

Addiction doesn’t kill the addict. It kills the family, kids and people who tried to help!The writer is a research scholar from Handwara .