Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai, an eminent literary figure

Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai, an eminent literary figure
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Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai is an eminent author . He states his journey to literary desk.
I was born in a middle class family of Ganjam district.My father was  cultivator while my mother was a school teacher,My education was not so romantic I have faced so many obstacles during my education though I have studied so many schools lastly my family settled in Nandiagada my village,my high school and college In Kabisurjyanagar then for my M A I have joined to Berahmpur University.I was fascinated by the English language and literature and inspired by my teachers to do something,that is writing.I have faced so many things in my life the road was not so easy for me , suddenly  there is twist in my life during my University I have decided to write and that is only English now the question is it’s not so easy some one can’t get name and fame in a single day it needs not only hard work lot of patience mean time I have done my phD in language and literature.
I just keep on writing ,I used to write very small poems my critics used to say but there is some intense meaning.i never stopped writing by any means.Sir Shiju H Pallithazheth noticed my writing he took me to his administration team in Motivational strips,and I found this is a place where I can generate my emotions in my writing,cause Motivational strips is a only place so many world class poets produces their thoughts.Motivational Strips  is like a heaven for me. As you know I am a published Author  ,I was awarded by so many international organisations ,in 2022 I was Gujarat Sahitya Academy from Motivational strips My writing is connecting the people.Through my writing I am  not only getting self confidence but also lot of self respect from the society.
Lastly I am really grateful to the media my friends and all well wishers.”