Don’t stop your children  from  achieving their goals: Nikita Bhaduri, Interview 10 July 2023 Issue.

Don’t stop your children  from  achieving their goals: Nikita Bhaduri 

Nikita Bhaduri is an interior designer and an aspiring Bikini Athlete . She is known for her dynamism and fitness icon.

A bit about your journey?

My name is Nikita Bhaduri. I first cried on 3rd June 1996 and the journey began.

Born and raised in Kolkata

Schooling from Ramakrishna Mission.

I have completed my graduation from Calcutta University.

I am an interior designer by profession.

My childhood was full of struggles. Coming from a well-to-do middle-class family, becoming an athlete was not easy.

After my marriage, my husband supported me a lot in exploring myself.

I have seen many ups and downs and poverty too but I never stopped to achieve my goals.

What about your journey as athlete?

As a bikini category athlete I was humiliated but I didn’t stop.

Because my goal is big. I dream of the Olympia stage.

If my luck is on my side I will try my best to achieve my goals no matter what.

Your role models?

My role models are my coach Mr. Pratik Ovhal and 2x Arnold Classic Bikini Champion Laurel.

Your hobbies?

I love painting, dancing and cooking.

Your vision?

As a woman I should say don’t judge a book by its cover. When you look at another person you have to change your mind.. bring some positivity. You can’t judge a human by his outer. In this social media lifestyle we have faced many humiliation. If you don’t like someone, stop chasing them.

Be brave, be fearless, take care of your health and don’t listen to the opinions of unwanted people.

For parents I would like to say don’t stop your children from achieving their goals because I have faced many things in my past life.. It’s really painful when your parents are always afraid to let go of your hands.

You will walk for your dreams, you will get hurt, you will break, you will understand and one day you will heal yourself.

Your future goal?

My future goal is to become a well-known bikini athlete in India who wants to be on the Olympia stage before 2029.