Domestic Violence Monster Brutalizes Kashmir

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Domestic violence (also domestic abusespousal abuseintimate partner violencebattering or family violence) is a pattern of behavior which involves violence or other abuse by one person in a domestic context against another, such as in marriage. Intimate partner violence is violence by a spouse or partner in an intimate relationship against the other spouse or partner. Globally, a wife or female partner is more commonly the victim of acts of domestic violence

Domestic Violence against women has been continuously rising in Kashmir and raising its monstrous head again and again. As a matter of great misfortune, we are living in such a society today in Kashmir  where women are finding it extremely difficult  to oppose any act of violence, Subjugation and misbehavior with her. She might be educated or may be living in a village the state of affairs is the same.

The traditional patriarchal system puts women at the lowest ebb of the community, whatever be the ins and outs of the society thus acts like Domestic violence have continued unabated.

Tragic Stories Related to Domestic Violence

The facts and stories emanating about domestic violence in Kashmir are heart wrenching and startling . Just at the start of this month victim of domestic abuse Manzeela died at a local hospital. Manzeela was allegedly set ablaze by her husband who according to their neighbors would beat her ruthlessly. Another tragic story in recent days was Maroofa, who hailed from south Kashmir was admitted at a local hospital after she was allegedly set ablaze by her in laws. After battling for life for several days she died on May 15.

The ugly and gruesome incidents of domestic violence did not stop here only . A couple of weeks back one more woman from Shopian area in south Kashmir lost her life after she had set herself ablaze to escape the domestic violence at the hands of her husband.

What Does  activists think?

Nazima Parray, a writer and social activist states –“Every year J&K receives 1600 to 1700 cases related to domestic violence. While most of the cases remain unreported because of social stigma associated. 40% women are the victims of domestic violence in Kashmir.  To stop this menace society at large and every individual at small has to play a vital role. Religious knowledge should be taught at primary level to every individual especially to our males. They should know the teaching of our beloved Prophet (SAW) and moreover they should know the rights and values of women especially of their wives. In laws and other family members have to act wisely in order to solve the misunderstandings between the husband and wife.  Educational exposure is mandatory for both the families involved in this process. Moreover this relation is very sensitive and demands time, nourishment and respect to each other opinion.”

Politician Reaction

Not many politicians in our part of the world talk on domestic violence thus no headway is made on this burning issue and most of the time our politicians are not sensitive towards the serious issues like Domestic Violence. Although in a step in right direction recently ,Prominent Pro Freedom Leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq had expressed serious concern over the  domestic violence incidents.“The recent cases where women were burnt alive and the death of a woman in domestic violence should be eye openers,” he had said.

Are we protesting ?

Not Enough protests and Sit ins have been witnessed with reference to burning issue of Domestic violence but the trend seems changing as few days back  in order to show concern and to protest the growing cases of domestic violence in the valley during past few weeks, a sit-in protest was held jointly by ‘Ehsaas’ and Rising Kashmir Foundation.
Pertinently, Civil society members, journalists and research scholars participated in the sit-in which was held at Pratap Park here. The members who participated include Dr Altaf Hussain, Nirja Matoo, Bashir Ahmad Dar, Shakeel Qalander, Ghazala Amin, Shazia Bakshi, Peerzada Ashiq, Inam-ul-Haq, Shameema Firdous and Muslem Jan.
The aim of sit-in was to sensitize the Society about the growing menace of domestic violence and to send a message to government also to act strictly against such acts.


In past few months, even the Urban Police Stations have registered hundreds of cases of domestic violence showing the grim nature of the issue. Data compiled by the Jammu & Kashmir Police Crime Branch reveals that in the past two years, it has registered over 4,000 cases of crimes against women



Expert Opinion

Mushtaq Ul-Haq Ahmad Sikander, a Gender Justice Activist states – “The topic of Domestic violence is quiet dynamic in nature  .In earlier times in our part of the world and most of the other regions, men were the main earning members while women attended to household chores. This skewed economic relationship was responsible for men becoming head of the family. A wife would tolerate domestic violence and high handedness of her husband only because she would be become economically destitute or become a ‘burden’ on her parents, if she was divorced. Today, more women are educated and economically independent. They are expressing their own views and in certain cases opposing the decisions of the male head of the family. Women can no longer be driven like cattle; hence they are termed rebellious and responsible for breaking up the family. Women must sacrifice; kill their dignity and ego to save the family, as if men are not part of a family. For patriarchal Muslims women must undertake every obligation, duty and hardship but men should enjoy every right and authority.”


Mushtaq Adds- “On the otherhand, In our part of the world, The Dowry Deaths, Female Feticide, Domestic Violence, Rapes and Crimes against women are increasing with each passing day though we may never fail to boast that we have achieved cent percent literacy rate and more schools and colleges are being opened every day, plus the girls rolls is also increasing. So what are the reasons for this apathy? To understand the reasons a few concepts need to be delineated

The difference between education and literacy must be understood!!

The literacy that is imparted in our schools and colleges, is job oriented, where the destined goal is to secure a good job with immense perks and privileges. Hence the whole concentration of students is to secure more and more marks in a cut throat competition, and it is achieved by cramming and rote learning scores of books with a little understanding.

This superficial learning fails to transform the character of an individual; add to it the dearth of focus on moral ethics, pluralism, tolerance and lofty humane ideals; a student rarely gets transformed from a beast to a human leave aside an angel through education, which is its real aim. Hence education fails in its real purpose!!”



Way Ahead

As the number of silent sufferers of  Domestic violence goes up, it becomes increasingly difficult to track the problem. Strengthening  the Women Commission, increasing awareness in women to resist the menace of domestic violence are the some steps to be taken immediately to wipe out the menace of domestic violence.

The authorities need to act soon and book all the culprits responsible for the heinous crimes like Domestic violence.