Desensitizing Death

News Kashmir Exclusive


Life is a very very valuable endowment given to a living thing by god and all the sane voices have from time to time have stated that we need to value life. The overall contours of human life is to ensure that it creates a better world for all , and in a creative,  fearless manner think, exist and contribute .


Unfortunately over the past three decades of violent turmoil In Jammu and Kashmir especially in the Kashmir Valley, the life has simply lost its meaning. Deaths, killings, arrests, injuries, blinding have become ugly realities of life in the valley.  One cycle of death has been followed with other cycle of death . Fear has completely taken over the logic and reasoning.

In the year 2018 too we witnessed that the growing insurgency and mayhem  in violence –ravaged  Jammu and Kashmir state is exhibiting the ugliness and shrill  as of 90s decade when spilling of human blood was order of the day. Now every day we hear series of tragic news updates .

The level of destruction that we are in can be gauged from the  data published by a local English daily ‘Rising Kashmir’ on its 30th June issue which reads, “in first half of 2018, at least 192 people including civilians, militants, policemen and army men were killed in violence in the Valley.”




Jaffar Ahmad Allie , an educationist states – “ It is a grave tragedy that life is losing its meaning and essence in Kashmir to huge bouts of violence . History bear testimony to the basic reality that violent conflict wherever takes roots in the world it brings with it mayhem and destruction and frequently results in the loss of precious human lives.

Enough is enough and we all need to brainstorm how to restore back the value of life despite all odds .In the current times we need to formulate an effective strategy for saving the precious human lives and ensure eyes are saved  from blinding. Every sane human in pain hit Kashmir wants to live   a life of dignity and we plead, urge with utmost great concern to all the stakeholders of the conflict to ensure speedy peaceful conflict resolution.”

Undoubtedly it is high time that bloodshed is put to an end in Kashmir and value of human life not just restored in Kashmir but respected as tragically currently the urge and phenomenon of death is ruling roost over urge to live.