Democratize Kashmir

Pain in Kashmir has crossed all limits owing to violence occurred on account of lingering political conflict. Kashmir continues to burn in flames. For more than seven decades Kashmir, or Paradise on Earth as it is called, has suffered at length due to the extremely brutal  violence used  to quell the sentiment of masses for seeking a just solution to their centuries old conflict.


India  has time and again stated that it is the World’ biggest Democracy. But this assertion goes on much beyond mere size to a direct claim to be also the most moral democracy. How correct is this claim Of course, this unbelievable claim rests entirely upon the gross lack of knowledge and false pride of the Indian masses, who have been indoctrinated to make only an adoration of democracy and not seek its practical application on ground zero. Certainly, Kashmir nullifies this towering claim from every angle .Now, even sane Indian voices state that Kashmir is a “big blot on India’s democracy”.


Since 1988 over one lace civilians including women and children have died and many are opining that steps should be taken to address this bloodshed.

Democracy implies respecting the human rights of masses and allowing them to democratically vote to seek solution to their conflict, which in case of Kashmir is the democratically implied solution. Kashmir needs true democracy to mitigate its sufferings and pain