Crimes against women, cover story 10 April 2023

Crimes against Women

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Women are as important as men for taking forward the wheels of human civilization,  but unfortunately often crimes against women are blot on society.

In India too crimes against women are issues of serious nature.

Around 1 crore cases of crimes against women were registered under the national crime records bureau (NCRB) in the last five years, the central government informed Parliament few time back.

The union minister of state for home affairs Ajay Kumar Mishra was replying to Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Fauzia Khan who had sought details on the crimes against women and urged the government to shed light on steps it was taking to curb such incidents.

Replying on the same, MoS Mishra said, “The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018 mandates completion of investigation and filing of charge sheet in rape cases in 2 months and trials to also be completed in 2 months (Section 173 CrPC). Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has launched the “National Database on Sexual Offenders” (NDSO) on 20 September, 2018 to facilitate investigation and tracking of sexual offenders across the country. MHA has launched an online analytic tool “Investigation Tracking System for Sexual Offences” to monitor and track time-bound investigation in sexual assault cases in accordance with Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018.

Nearly 31,000 complaints of crimes committed against women were received by the National Commission for Women (NCW) in 2022, the highest since 2014. In 2021, the NCW had received 30,864 complaints while in 2022, the number slightly increased to 30,957.

Of the 30,957 complaints, the maximum of 9,710 were related to the right to live with dignity that takes into account the emotional abuse of women, followed by those related to domestic violence at 6,970 and dowry harassment at 4,600, according to NCW data accessed by PTI.

The hope on ground zero is that we all give collective efforts to end crimes against women.

As a matter of fact, In 2021, on an average, there was a case of crime against women registered every 74 seconds in India.

Two minor girls were raped every day in 2021 in the national capital, which was the most unsafe metropolitan city for women across the country, according to the latest report of NCRB.

According to an analysis of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, conducted by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI), nearly one in every three reported crimes against a woman from 2016 to 2021 pertained to the “cruelty” of her husband and/or his relatives.

The findings, published in MoSPI’s ‘Women and Men in India 2022’ report, released earlier this month, show that cruelty by husbands and their relatives is the most commonly reported form of violence against women in India.

In Kashmir valley too heinous crimes against women have taken place in recent times which have rattled entire society. The data shows sharp increase in crimes against women in Kashmir.