Burhaan Bashir –Aylan Kurdi of Kashmir

Bani Umer



When three year old Syrian child came washed up dead on a beach in Turkey, globally media broadcasted it  and every newspaper published the news on its front page.

Even the Netizens, Twitter and Facebook users, changed their profile pictures to the widely circulated photograph of dead Aylan. On twitter millions of tweets with the hash tag #AylanKurdi went viral soon after the  news of Aylan Kurdi’s demise came via innumerable news outlets .


Worldwide media showed their anger and hatred for Monarchical and dictatorial  king Bashar Al Assad.

Now let me welcome you to the valley of cries and shrieks, where every eye is moist and every heart bleeds. On 19th September, Kashmir- so called paradise on earth lost a budding flower in its early stage just like the Syrian Aylan Kurdi.

Burhaan Bashir a 3 year old kid from Sopore Kashmir , instead of toys and chocolates received the bullets when he was in the lap of his father Bashir Ahmed Bhat, a former militant.

On Friday evening, September 18 the father- son duo received a rain of bullets from unknown gunman outside their house at Sagipora village of Spore area. Bashir died on the spot while Burhan, the Aylan Kurdi of Kashmir, succumbed to his wounds in the hospital the following morning. When people received his tender weightless body, they failed to control tears , because as it is said that smallest coffins are always heavy. A pain of gloom descended over entire Kashmir.

The question arises here -what was the crime of Kashmiri Aylan Kurdi Burhan? Isn’t it that he is Kashmiri and Muslim?

For Kashmiri people Burhaan is the Alyan Kurdi ,but for so called servers of humanity he may be a rebel/terrorist , just like the kids of Palestine and Syria.

Burhaan’s Cold blooded murder no doubt attracted the sympathy of many organizations like Hurriyat, ,JKLF , Jamat-i-Islami etc. They condemned the killing of Innocent Burhaan .

But now our leaders should think beyond the condemnation and Hartals. This is unfortunate that our Alyaan Kurdi did not received much attention as compared to Syrian Aylan across the Globe.

I do not know the reason behind this. But I hope Muslims and especially Humans across the Globe will raise their voices against the cold bloodied murder of Burhaan.

Also, whosoever the criminals are, “Here you may hide ,but on the day of Judgment the kid will definitely raise his voice against you and that day you will be naked.” As always, the Government will fail to bring justice to the mother of Burhaan and widow of Bashir Ahmed,  as they have miserably failed in the past.


The writer Bani Umar is Studying at Amar Singh college Srinagar and can be reached at baniumer@gmail.com.