Brutalized South

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South Kashmir over past few years has assumed the point of no return as it has emerged the epicenter of mayhem , violence, killings and protests. This year alone we have seen killing of huge number of civilians near encounter sites in South Kashmir.

As a matter of fact, South Kashmir four districts have bore worst brunt of violence .  Pertinently, The four districts of south Kashmir have witnessed a higher level of militancy-related violence in the first eight months of this year with 139 deaths.

According to data, at least 263 persons—civilians, militants and forces’ personnel—were killed in militancy-related incidents across the Valley in first eight months this year.

Of 263 causalities, south Kashmir’s four districts—Anantnag, Pulwama, Shopian and Kulgam—have borne the maximum brunt of violence with highest 139 deaths witnessed in the region alone.

On the other hand of the spectrum, the huge number of destructions, killings associated with large scale mayhem  has put the people of Kashmir in the enormous pain, to the extent with many now openly questioning the abnormal levels of bloodshed and especially the large number of youth killings this year in South Kashmir as fighters and civilians.

On the otherhand of the spectrum, Pain in Kashmir is now neither expressed by prose  nor poetry as words do not seem  to do any justice with what is going on. This bloodshed has disturbed mental balance and solace of heart. Even Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) has said that the suppression has become unbearable for the people in Kashmir. In this hour of tremendous grief, all the words and statements of condemnation and condolence sound very hollow at this scale of human tragedy that Kashmir is witnessing.

Gulzar Ahmed, a commoner states : “ South Kashmir is witnessing huge huge amount of bloodshed and devastation almost every day it is high time for each and every stakeholder to come forward and settle the burning issue of Kashmir once for all so that we do not see the painful bloodletting on daily basis . South Kashmir has been turned into a warzone and daily daily bloodshed does not augur well for any ”

The larger picture is that the continuous Bloodshed and violence has destroyed mental peace of common Kashmiris and also destroyed him or her on emotional levels, as loss of near and dear one means life-long trauma.

One hopes this brutalization of South Kashmir comes to abrupt end .