Biden Presidency Global Impacts

Biden Presidency Global impacts 

For decades, the question of who occupies the White House has had a direct bearing on the shape of the global economy and global politics. Joe Biden who is slated to be thr next President of United States of America, the most powerful country will have to address host of challenges  . First and foremost is the ranging Coronavirus Pandemic in USA which has killed lacs of humans and infected millions there. The restoration of dwindling US influence would be another major Challenge for the Biden Administration. Biden administration would continue to depict China not just as an authoritarian superpower (which it is), but also as a global threat to the very idea of freedom itself. It would frame competition with China in terms of a global battle of ideologies, and, in a rhetorical carry-over from the Trump years, speak of binding together “like-minded” democratic allies in the Indo-Pacific. The first Biden term would likely see a revival of democracy promotion as a core tenet of U.S. foreign policy, on the assumption (not always stated openly) that a more democratic world is both achievable and likely to turn the tide against  China.Biden would be mix bag for India. He will do everything to have stronger ties with India but as many political analysts state that We can be sure that Biden-Harris won’t give Modi and BJP the free pass that Trump did. Biden has expressed disapproval of the CAA and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), and Kamala Harris’ words on the abrogation of Article 370 should alarm New Delhi. Biden would like to revive the Iran Nuclear deal and that is big respite for Iran and it’s neighborhood especially India and Pakistan. For Pakistan the Presidency of Joe Biden looks Unknown commodity. Turkey might not like Biden Presidency as he and his team are quite vocal on Kurdish rights. Overall Joe Biden offers a picture of cautious optimism for US and World.