“Better Bharat “..

“Better Bharat”….
Owais Ahmad Shah
Student at GDC Handwara(Kashmir).
Elections are taking place across India. In this febrile atmosphere, the voter carries a serious and a careworn expression writ large in his face. Why does he feel so? What’s the worry?.Variety of questions on the platter and almost every question unaddressed.
In 2014,India voted for change. A man of unbridled enthusiasm called Narendra Modi appeared before people..He promised ad infinitum. He talked about carrying everyone along and carving out an all-inclusive society. People pinned their faith in this leader and BJP shell-shocked Congress.This was a Waterloo defeat for congress, the Teflon dynasty and they also accepted their defeat with grace. In a fair democracy, every opponent should have a fair shake of hand to address the worries people are confronting at large.
The catchphrase of “Acche din” worked astoundingly well for BJP and they succeeded in having the audience in the palm of their hand. Later on what happened to the country, the recent past bears testimony to that. India had voted for change, not for political vendetta, not for muzzling of independent voices. We witnessed a massive chaos in the country. The land of dreams was reduced to a dustbin where people were mal treated and shoved around. Taking over the govt,NDA retreated from their promises. Job creation was left on the shelf. Well BJP may well credit itself with GST and Demonetisation but the savage irony of this capital measure was that it is still haunting us and the economy.
The rhetorical disorder gnawed away at NDA and the dispensation started falling apart.
This time people are conscious of using their right to vote in a fair way.We have witnessed enough trouble. India hadn’t voted for war or communal polarization. India had voted for change.It had voted for the best possible future.Politicians as we know always good at fobbing others off with their threadbare excuses traded on the generosity of common masses.We can’t hold the ruling dispensation only culpable for the harm done but the powertakers before them also had done the same that’s the reason people had voted overwhelmingly for NDA govt.
This time we see Congress in action. Its obvious that every opposition is the next govt. But why we are still repeating on ad nauseam that Congress or BJP.I think we should talk about “Behtar Bharat”, we should talk about peace and tranquility.
This time we will be not lured on votes. The process of “Lurism” has reduced the value of a common man to an object or a toy. But our awareness and conscious mind will pave our way for success.
The future augurs well if we fight like a sound and a mature audience. We will have a country that will offer best space for every citizen irrespective of caste, creed, colour, sex. This time India will vote for “Better Bharat”.