Beef Ban

A few days back acting on a public interest litigation brought by a  lawyer, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court instructed law enforcement officials to “strictly enforce” an 1862 ban on slaughtering cows, which had been imposed by the then maharaja, a Hindu.

This has lead to wave of  anger in Kashmir. A day after Jammu High Court banned sale of beef in Muslim majority State of Jammu and Kashmir, leaders from mainstream politics, socio-religious organizations, pro-freedom camps and civil society expressing displeasure over the court order saying that it sounds strange to impose the will of some religious fanatics over the vast population of the State.

Muslim scholars and pro-freedom politicians have condemned the decision stating that it not acceptable to them adding that they  will do whatever is possible…calling It is a direct interference in  religious affairs,” and making it clear “beef is halal (prescribed by Muslim law) for Muslims and  will continue to consume it.”

Interestingly the decision to enforce Kashmir’s beef ban comes amid growing public fears that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party is imposing the dietary restrictions of some of India’s religious faiths on the entire population — ostensibly out of respect for “religious sentiments”.

Many Kashmiris openly question that   Why no ban on liquor, which is hazardous and proscribed by all the religions, and why ban on beef that is permitted by the religion they follow.

As a matter of fact, Twitter and Facebook users openly reacted over the court decision, terming the direction ‘politically motivated’ and irrelevant. Prominent civil Society member, Sakeel Qalandar, said that the ruling of the court will not stand firm in the Muslim majority State. “The Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir gives freedom to the people and nobody can suggest or dictate them what what they should wear or eat,” he said that the ban will be ineffective.

Beef Ban order has definitely raised tempers in Kashmir.