Baabarr Mudacer Music Star Interview

Struggle and compromise key to success: Baabarr Mudacer, famous Singer and rapper

Mudasir Hassan known as Baabarr Mudacer (born in 1995) is an independent musician, singer and rapper from Bandipore, in union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India . He is known for his charity works from music.
Baabarr Mudacer is emerging as sensational singing icon of Kashmir.
He possesses multiple talents like Singing, rapper and producer. In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir,he talks to Farzana Mumtaz and Rameez Makhdoomi.

Tell us a bit about your early journey ?
My journey has been fascinating. I had love towards music and singing from childhood days and used to sing without fear on morning assembly of school, and teachers used to support a lot.
I see myself as bestowed by Almighty on every step of this journey.
So how did this journey translate into such success?
The immense support of my parents , friends, teachers along with my utmost dedication and hardwork helped me to reach here. I see myself as favourite toy of Almighty as my hardwork translated into success.
You link your music journey with lot of charity works ,a bit about that?
Yes, I love to do charity work. We all need to help each other and lift one another. If there are somethings that are with you and not with someone try to create balance and ease sufferings through charity works.
Lot of pain in this world ,how can music ease it?
The concept and perceptions vary from person to person. But, I feel in that music can give lot of happiness to those in need. So it has a major role in ending human pain.
You are often in traditional attire of Kashmir like Pehran, while performing, a bit on that?
I love my roots and deeply adore and love the traditions and culture of Kashmir, so often wear traditional attire and also deeply respect and promote Kashmiri language. We all should be proud of our land and its great culture.
How do you deal with criticism?
There are two types of criticism. One is positive or constructive criticism and another one is negative or destructive criticism. The constructive criticism aimed at correcting your flaws is welcome but destructive criticism based on nonsense things deserves no place.
Where do you bring this high energy from in your performances?
The love of my parents and fans keep me always in high spirits so this level of energy.
What is your message to those youngsters interested in music career ?
I would like to tell them that two things in life shape your career, one is going through immense struggles and second thing is compromise that is not arguing or complaining about everything.
Your debut was on poetry of legendary Habba Khatoon, do you want to perform more on sufi poets ?
Yes,that is right. As a rapper, singer and producer my schedule is often tight. I have a project in mind where we give voice to the heart touching poetry and thoughts of legends in our history. I want to do it on a formal platform so that it enthralls globe .
Since you are embarking on international music tours, what sort of songs are on your priority?
It all will depend upon the choice of audience, but yes performances in other countries in front of Kashmiri diaspora would be focused on Kashmiri songs .

What is your message ?
My message is stay happy, stay grounded and work hard to achieve your goals. Above all respect and love elders especially your parents.