Avoid Extravagance

Spending money in a very extravagant way or any vital resources is logically a very dangerous trait. This is bad virtue from both religious as well as moral angle. A spendthrift. Is normally an individual who does not think about tomorrow? Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die. But it is this lethargic approach which has harmed  us as most solidly  as a society and is among one of the primary reasons behind our worrying collapse as a society.

Kashmir is among the  society wherein we have such great level of spendthrift and extravagant approach.

It is known fact that  our tradition cuisine world famous Wazwan  is nothing but the representation of our spendthrift nature. As a matter of fact, Kashmiri cuisine  has evolved over hundreds of years. Subsequently, it has been strongly influenced by the cuisines of Central Asian, Persia, and the North Indian plains.

The most notable ingredient in Kashmir cuisine is mutton, of which there are over 30 varieties served during a single meal  in our marriages commonly known as “Wazwan”. But nowhere in the world except Kashmir one sees such number of dishes served and hundred tonnes of food and mutton is wasted on a given day in Kashmir.

Even our social functions like celebrations, marriages   are true representations of not only overspending, but something more than overspending. We need to take a collective pledge as a nation  to avoid extravagance so that we can achieve the desired progress.

Extravagance should be avoided if we want to move ahead.