An Appeal to Conscience of India

Rameez Makhdoomi

Rape victims, pellet victims, unmarked graves, fake encounters, tortures, killed protesters, gagging internet, snapping communication, peace of graveyards ,useless inquiries have defined handling of Kashmir conflict .As Kashmir is witnessing another round of unprecedented unrest and suppression in wake of scores of deaths and blinding of protesters post the killing of Burhan Wani, militant commander I as a student of history and humanity would like to state some facts and appeal to all humans of India . It has become a habit of so called mainstream media and their anchors in cozy studios with illiterate panelists to resort to hurling abuses on Kashmir. But we are also aware that pain, torment of Kashmir has given rise to conscience class in India who not only emphasize with Kashmir but also speak vocally against these atrocities. Here is what first Prime Minister of India stated on the issue . “It [Kashmir] belongs to the Kashmiri people. When Kashmir acceded to India, we made it clear to the leaders of the Kashmiri people that we would ultimately abide by the verdict of their Plebiscite. If they tell us to walk out, I would have no hesitation in quitting. We have taken the issue to United Nations and given our word of honour for a peaceful solution. As a great nation we cannot go back on it. We have left the question for final solution to the people of Kashmir and we are determined to abide by their decision.” (2nd January 1952, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India). Spreading hate and venom is no answer to political issue of Kashmir.A question to these media channels: Have they ever run their shows on this pragmatic point? Gandhiji has also felt sorry for those nations which treat their news outlets as Bible and then generate dishonest opinion based on that content. This, too, is pertinent for supposed experts who opine on the basis of such fascist content. Debate on pellet gun which is wreacking havoc on eyes of Kashmiris and turning the Kashmir valley into valley of blinds. You have a political dispute at hand admit and crushing people making them blind is no answer. Confusing Kashmir with illogical and unrelated voter turnouts which even by stand of pro-Indian parties are just for governance, high tourist arrivals are no paradigms to settle Kashmir issue.  Pertinently, you tried to confuse Kashmir issue with youth here getting selected in competitive exams like IAS, IPS look what the Kashmir’s First IAS topper and BDirector Education, Shah Faesal has written via a facebook post. He writes – “By juxtaposing my photos with the images of a slain militant commander, a section of national media has once again fallen back upon its conventional savagery that cashes on falsehoods, divides people and creates more hatred,” reads Faesal’s Facebook post. “At a moment when Kashmir is mourning its dead, the propaganda and provocation being dished out from red and blue newsrooms is breeding more alienation and anger in Kashmir than what Indian state can manage.” As a matter of fact hailing from a remote village in Kupwara district, Faesal became the first Kashmiri ever to top the coveted IAS exam He adds -“Personal vulnerability apart, the very fact of becoming a part of a ridiculous debate is something which has disturbed me very much. Have I joined IAS to do a job or to become a part of your sadistic propaganda machine? In fact when I qualified this exam I never thought of spending my whole life scratching the desk and if this nonsense around me continues, I might prefer to resign sooner than later,” he added.  All these realities  suggests the State and government doesn’t want to learn from its past mistakes that beastly use of force and impunity to the alleged perpetrators of human rights violations that include the men in uniform doesn’t help in making Kashmiris obedient by assassinating their genuine political aspirations but is followed by unrest and more unrest. It is high time all in India rise above jingoistic nationalism and for the sake of blinded, annihilated, tormented, shattered Kashmir impresses upon its media to act sanely and also on for government to intimate civilized means to settle the Kashmir issue.

The writer is freelance journalist and can be reached at