Abhishek Boney Singha- Am Inspiration

Abhishek Boney Singha – An Inspiration 
News Kashmir Desk Lauded as Padman of the North East the young and dynamic Abhishek Boney Singha has done a commendable job in the field of hygiene and Sanitation especially when it comes to ensuring required assistance to the women gender in this regard .
Abhishek Boney Singha hails from the picturesque district of Golaghat in Assam wherein women did not use sanitary napkins and did not have any proper  awareness of menstrual hygiene. He points out that majority  of the women did not know about sanitary napkins and would begin laughing on the idea. He said that this zero awareness of health issues motivated him to begin the white revolution. Incidentally, this is the first sanitary pad bank in Assam and as Abhishek pointed the communities in the region were rife with superstition, taboos which often pushed these women to adopt unhealthy ways like use of a dirty cloth, during periods.
Due to this  the women were thus exposed to deadly diseases in the later stages of their lives.But Abhishek Boney Singha has come as fresh air of change .As a matter of fact , he started his work from Ground zero.  reaching out to the community elders and educated women in the villages. He also got health workers on board for this mission. To create a model of deliverance, he reached out to Suhani Jalota of Myna Mahila Foundation that has set up a factory which manufactures sanitary products and employs underprivileged women. As part of Singha’s health awareness camps, women were educated about how to take care of their health and hygiene during menstruation using locally available means and food. “He is certainly a human of inspiration.