AAP Entry in JK Politics

AAP Entry in JK Politics 

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Aam Aadmi Party after its historic sucess in the recent  Punjab Assembly elections is embarking on mission Jammu and Kashmir. 

As the delimitation is about to be complete the likelihood is that Jammu and Kashmir would see historic assembly polls in October – November.  

The ground zero pulse is that In the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir the National Conference of Abdullah family ruled the roost for several decades , but Mufti family lead Peoples Democratic Party had also come of age in the previous two decades. 

With the abrogation of article 370 and bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir state into two Union territories Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh the realities have changed.  NC and PDP seem to have lost the selling points as they revealed their politics revolved around 370 .

The weak health of Congress  Party at national level has impacted the local unit of Congress too. 

Bhartiya Janta Party  is wooing voters through different promises but several Muslim majority seats in Jammu  and Kashmir make its task herculean. The fatigue with BJP in its bastion Jammu could also be its undoing .

The ground thus currently has much in offer for AAP.

Pertinently,  this time due to absence of article 370 the national players would be having firmer chance .

Dynasty tag associated with regional powerhouses PDP and NC seems to be going against them now .

Many are stating that among national  players AAP could be more serious challenger especially  inJammu region as opposed to Kashmir region.

Historically, Punjab has had a huge cultural and social influence on Jammu. Soon after the AAP’s recent Punjab victory, Jammu which is a bastion of BJP, is abuzz with new political slogans. The AAP is using both nationalism and development to challenge BJP .

With BJP playing the major step of article 370  abrogation the local parties are struggling to present the agenda.  

The Aam Aadmi Party is trying to cash in anger in pockets  towards BJP among Jammu and Kashmir voters and lack of selling points for local parties to carve its base .

 The recent joining of many leaders from Jammu and Kashmir including some municipal councillors from Srinagar  in Aam Aadmi Party fold at a function  in Delhi has boldened the AAP ambitions in JK .

The party leaders of AAP are motivated for the challenge. 

NAVNEET MISHRA, STATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Aam Aadmi Party   states :   ” We have strong electoral fortunes in  Jammu and Kashmir . 

We need to remind ourselves that  politicians for their selfish politics have made the place complex . They have lend great losses to the masses of Jammu and Kashmir  via their vested interests . The Aam Aadmi Party will make sure the rise of  common masses  of JK and like Punjab and Delhi make them masters of governance.  We envisage to end VIP culture.  We have already formed committee  in Jammu and Kashmir regions. We will contest all the 90 seats and achieve a thumping victory in the Assembly elections of Jammu and Kashmir. “

Navneet states that Aam Aadmi Party will revolutionize the all important  health and education sectors of Jammu and Kashmir and make them free and accessible to one and all.

Mohammad Amin Dar, Secretary Kashmir Aam Aadmi Party stated :” The way traditional political parties for their selfish and vested interests have looted time and again the poor masses of Jammu and Kashmir, the ground is quite fertile for the growth of Aam Aadmi Party in Jammu and Kashmir.  The AAP as Party has proven its effectiveness and efficient governance in Punjab and Delhi.  The way bloodshed and corruption has been unleashed by the all political parties in Jammu and Kashmir we are bound to sweep the Assembly polls whenever they are held here .”